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Tuition costs

Use the tuition and student fees estimator to see what your tuition and fees may be.

Estimate tuition
and student fees

See the Academic Calendar for the schedule of tuition fees. Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada pay domestic tuition fees; everyone else pays international tuition fees.

How to view your tuition balance

You can view your tuition balance and details by signing into My page Student Services, then Account Summary by Term in the Finances tab.

How to pay

Students are strongly encouraged to pay online to ensure payment is processed promptly.

Other payment options:

  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Western Union
  • Bank draft
  • Wire transfer
  • Cheque
  • Money order
  • Debit card

UVic does not accept payment by credit card for deposits or tuition fees.

Details about the payment options are on the tuition page.

Tuition Deadline - Winter Session

Your Winter Session tuition is due in two payments to Tuition Fees. The first payment is due by the last business day of September. The second payment is due by the last business day of January. You can determine what you owe by signing in to UVic, choosing Student Services, then Finances, and finally Account Summary by Term.

Tuition Deadline - Summer Session

Summer Session tuition deadlines are listed in the Academic Calendar under "Add and Drop Dates for Standard Summer Session Courses".

Non-standard courses

Some courses don't fit the standard dates. These non-standard courses have different fee reduction and academic drop deadlines.

The current tuition charges per fee unit are in the Academic Calendar  under "Undergraduate Tuition".

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