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Loan Application - BC Government Website

The BC Government website for Student Loans is

Loan Application - When to Apply

Submit your student assistance application to the appropriate government student assistance authority once you know which institution you will be attending and what your study dates will be. It is best to apply at least 2 to 3 months before the start of classes. Applications for September to April are available online in June each year.

Check with your home province/territory for more information, their respective websites are available on the CanLearn website.

Loan Eligibility - Co-op Programs

Most co-op work terms are considered to be the equivalent of full-time studies for the purpose of receiving government student assistance. You are eligible to apply for full-time government student assistance or interest-free status on government student loans while registered in a co-op work term. Students on a co-op work term should apply for loans per term.

If you hold a renewable scholarship, please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid prior to starting your co-op work term.

Applying for Student Loans

You apply for student loans through the province/territory where you have last resided once you have decided which school you will be attending and what your study period will be.

If you completed high school fewer than four years ago, your province/territory of residence would be the one where your parents live.

If you completed high school more than four years ago, your province/territory of residence would be the province/territory where you last lived for twelve consecutive months excluding time spent as a full-time student.

You complete a government student assistance application. This application is available online through your provincial/territorial government student assistance website.

If your home province is not BC then you must apply through the Ministry of Education, Financial Assistance Branch, in your home province. Please see our website for contact information.

Loan Eligibility - Simultaneous or Split Enrolment at Two Schools

Split Enrolment is the term used when a student is concurrently registered at more than one school in the same period of study. In order to have your courses at the second institution recognized for your student loan funding at UVic, you need to submit the following to UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid:

  • An official letter of permission from Academic Advising or your UVic department allowing you to obtain credit for the specific courses at the second institution.
  • Proof of courses taken at the second school confirming course name(s), specific start and end date(s) and unit or credit value of each course.
  • You must provide UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid with a photocopy of your unofficial transcript from the second school once you have completed your courses.

If you are planning on using courses from a second institution towards your unit total for a period of study at UVic, courses must meet the following criteria:

  • Courses should not be offered by UVic or not over-subscribed at UVic; and
  • Courses at the second institution must be offered with the same start and end date as those taken at UVic; and
  • The majority of courses must be taken at UVic; and
  • Courses at the second institution must count for credit towards the student's certificate, diploma, or degree at UVic.

Please note: for split enrolment in the Summer Session, you must have at least one "anchor" course through UVic that runs the entire May to August study period.

As not all situations are eligible for the split enrolment designation, please contact Student Awards & Financial Aid at 250-721-8423 or for further information.

Loan Application - BC Government Website

The BC Government website for Student Loans is

Loan Application - One Application for Federal/Provincial funding

For most provinces and territories one government student loan application will allow you to be considered for both federal and provincial/territorial funding. For more information visit the Provincial & Territorial Information page on the CanLearn website.

Loan Assessment - How Long It Will Take

Assessment time will vary depending on which province your loans are through. If possible, monitor your student loan assessment on your provincial or territorial student assistance website. Alternatively, phone your provincial or territorial student assistance authority for the latest assessment information. For provincial and territorial contact information check our website.

Loan Assessment- Will a Government Student Loan Cover all my Expenses?

Government student assistance will not cover all of your educational expenses. Assistance under the student loan program is intended to supplement the financial resources available to students through summer jobs, parents, spouses and other sources. Please note that spending guidelines issued by the government are based on a moderate standard of living.

International Exchange- Student Loan Eligibility

You are a University of Victoria student as long as you are paying your tuition fees to UVic for the terms that you are involved in your international exchange period.

If you are going on exchange and wish to receive government student assistance, please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid before you leave and/or check with your department's exchange office.

UVic students who are on exchange, enrolled in at least a 60% course load and paying fees to UVic may be eligible to apply for government student loans or interest-free status. Please come and visit our office to make sure we have updated contact information as well as your exact start and end dates at the school you will be attending.

If you are on exchange or leave of absence to study at another university and are paying tuition to that institution, you would not be considered a UVic student. You will be required to apply for student assistance through the school you will be attending. You will need to check with your government student financial assistance office to see whether they recognize your international school as a designated institution.

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