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Dropping a registered course

If you have decided not to complete a course that you are registered for, you need to drop the course. Please make sure that you do not drop the wrong course as you may not be able to get back into that course.

You will not be automatically dropped from a course for not attending.

If you are dropping a course after the course has started, be aware that there is a limited time period when you can drop a course without paying for it. To get a full refund, drop the course before the 100% fee reduction deadline. Following this deadline, you will have a number of days leading to the 50% fee reduction deadline, when you be refunded for half of the course. After the 50% fee reduction deadline, you not receive a refund for a dropped course.

Winter Session fee reduction deadlines

Summer Session fee reduction deadlines

Courses with non-standard dates and deadlines

Some courses don't fit the standard dates. These non-standard courses have different fee reduction and academic drop deadlines.

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